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Cookies are the main currency of MCInfected 2.0. You can use cookies to rankup, buy shop items such as food, and much more.

You can earn cookies by doing the following:

Action Cookies Earned Affected by Cookie Multiplier?
Spread Bonus (Survivor dies while Infected) 1 Yes
Survivor Bonus (Survivor dies while a Survivor) 2 Yes
Killing an Infected as a Survivor 2 Yes
Killing a Survivor as an Infected 3 Yes
Assisting a kill on a Survivor as a Zombie 1 Yes
Assisting a kill on a Zombie as an Infected 1 Yes
When all players are infected 15 Yes
Surviving an Entire Round 30 Yes
Participation 5 Yes
Severed Heads 10-100 No
Converting 10 Chaos to cookies in the Hub 100 No
Converting 40 Chaos to cookies in the Hub 500 No
Mystery Chests 1000 No
Super Mystery Chests 5000 No
Having a Spaz in your game 1 No
Having a Crazy in your game 2 No
Having a Maniac in your game 3 No
Having an Insane in your game 4 No
Having a Mayhem in your game 5 No
Having a Mayhem+ in your game 10 No
Having an Owner in your game 11 No
Having a Mod in your game 3 No
Missions Varied No

Note: All amounts are the default amounts of cookies earned. Some, not all, values will change if Double Cookies, Cookie Boosters or Eclipse Boosters are active.

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