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Infected Classes are only available to be used when you are selected to be mother zombie or are killed by an infected.

Class Path 1 Path 2 Notes
Mother Zombie N/A N/A Only playable if you are selected at the beginning of the game to play as a Mother Zombie (Note: The paths of a Mother Zombie are the same as a regular Zombie)
Zombie Braaiinnss Scratch (Unlocked for everyone) Scratch Survivors to deal more damage and upon infecting them eat their delicious brains for a health boost
Skeleton Sniper Melee Launch arrows at survivors to no end, the farther away you hit your target, the more damage you deal!
Vampire (MCI) Fangs Mutation Fly to survivors as a bat and gain health by attacking them and a regen boost for killing them
Witch Witch Craft Support Gain potions, both good and evil, to support other infected and destroy anybody in your path!
Enderman Teleport Anger Teleport to a random survivor and infect those who are hiding.
Iron Golem Tank Iron Shield With more health and armor than fellow infected, Iron Golems tank like a boss!
Wither Skeleton Wither Skulls Shoot explosive wither skulls or hit survivors to make them wither away.
Slime Growth Respawn Kill enemies to grow in size and jump higher. Multiply yourself into mini-slimes for a chance to resurrect yourself.
Baby Zombie Speed Braaiinnss Similar to a regular zombie, except much faster (and cuter)
Blaze Fire Bomb Flame Shield Launch an explosive fireball at your opponents from afar, or protect yourself from enemies by setting them on fire with your flame shield.
Werewolf Wolf Howl Weakness? Howl to blind your opponents and summon wolf friends while in wolf form or take less damage from non silver weapons but much more from silver weapons in human form.
Turkey Flap Turkey Cannon (Only for sale or unlockable during Thanksgiving 2014) Hit your opponents with an explosive Turkey Cannon while dodging their attacks with your small hitbox or flap your wings to glide or fly away.
Grinch Stench Present Thief (Only for sale unlockable during Christmas 2014/2015) Use your nasty stench to poison the survivors and steal their presents to benefit yourself.
Snowman Frost Accuracy (Only for sale or unlockable during Christmas 2015) Use your snowballs to deal damage to players and gain bonuses for accuracy.
Headless Horseman Head Throw Undead Mount (Only unlockable during the Halloween) Launch your head to impair your enemies' vision, then summon an Undead Horse to lead the infected attack.
Scarecrow Crow Swarm Fright (Only for sale during Halloween 2015) Send your Crow Minions to damage your target or attack them yourself and get a damage boost as they quiver in fear.
Leprechaun Luck Pot O' Gold (Only for sale during St. Patrick's Day 2015/2016) Steal survivor's food and grenades with the luck of the old Irish
Titan Titan Form Rage Fight survivors to increase your rage and transform into a giant zombie. Upon your mighty roar your enemies will flee with fear.
Shock Lightning Strike Lightning Dash Use the power of lightning to strike your enemy from 50 blocks above them or hit them several times to shock them with a few strikes of lightning.
Phantom Possession Transparency Sneak up on your enemies to possess and scramble their inventories with ghostly efficiency.
Easter Bunny (MCI) Rabbit Rage Egg Layer Launch explosive rabbits at your opponents and lay eggs for other infected to find to receive a small treat.

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