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This is a list of all the different maps in the rotation of being played in MCInfected 2.0.

Name Author(s)
Abandon Jul835
Aftermath Sturmspitz
Arkaden ClanF5
Bailout Sturmspitz
Bayview Sturmspitz
Bootleg 98craftboy
Carbon WhaleBit, TeamPurple, PumpkinWarrior
Cargo N11ck
Carrier N11ck
Central City Squaremuch
Dome N11ck
Downfall ThatBuildTeam
Downturn N11ck
Erosion basenhet
Express basenhet & maxben34
Fallen N11ck
Favela Agent40, Psandoval19, ScorchedTiger
Firing Range apblox98
Getaway Team Paradise
Goron City Sgt_Tacos
Grid InfectedPainter
Grind N11ck
Hardhat Project Mayhem Build Team
Highrise N11ck
Hijacked N11ck
Hydro Sturmspitz
Interchange N11ck
Invasion Wack_Attack_
Jungle g_knight98
Killhouse AmortusR
Lockdown N11ck
Lookout N11ck
Meltdown N11ck
Mirage Saracresp, BritishBear
MirageCS ThatBuildTeam
Nuketown Yuskyy
Occupation Wack_Attack_
Oriental Wack_Attack_, AmortusR, Pokemaniac
Outpost N11ck
Overgrowth Oliv
Palace Ewald22, Heptic_Zman
Plaza N11ck
Project Kingdom CoRruPteD_SoLo
Project Tokyo Q_Qberrylawlipop
Quarry N11ck
Que Ewald22, Heptic_Zman
Raid N11ck
Resistance xeromio
Resort Nitromaniac, Wack_Attack_
Riverbend ThatBuildTeam
Rust Yuskyy
Sandcastle Pokemaniac, Ewald22, Heptic_Zman
Scrapyard N11ck
Sealand AmortusR
Seatown N11ck
Shadowfall Wack_Attack_, AmortusR
Shaft BritishBear
Showdown ClanF5
Slums (Remake) Awesomfullyness
Skyloft TheHappyTooth
Sovereign Sturmspitz
Standoff awesomefullyness
Subbase ClanF5
Summit N11ck
Temple of Time TheHappyTooth
Terminal Team Dingus
Terminus ShotGunZebra
Underground N11ck
Underpass rofljonney363 & 2567910
Vacant NexGen, xBetaAssassin, AmortusR, Pistolsteven