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In order to provide high prestige players with more to accomplish in game, the newest update added a new Master Prestige system. This Master Prestige system impacts the overall prestige system in MCInfected 2.0 Here's how it works:

•The highest prestige in MCInfected 2.0 is now prestige 10

•Once you reach prestige 10, you can Master Prestige for 15,000 cookies, which will reset your prestige back to 0 and remove all your prestige perks bought with prestige tokens.

•For every Master Prestige, you earn 2 Master Tokens, each token can be used in the Master Prestige Shop to permanently unlock a prestige perk. Perks bought with Master Tokens are not lost when you Master Prestige.

•Each Master Prestige will give you a new color for the brackets around your name, as well as your prestige symbol.

This system will make it more difficult to permanently unlock every prestige perk, while providing a way to "start over", through master prestige.

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