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There are many morphs in to unlock from donating in the online shop!


Morphs are mobs that take the place of the standard human form. Once a rank is bought, the player will automatically get the morphs.

All Skins

Morph Rank Required
Yellow Sheep Spaz
Zombie Spaz
Pink Sheep Crazy
Pig Crazy
Cow Crazy
Skeleton Crazy
Zombie (Villager) Crazy
Horse Crazy
Light Blue Sheep Maniac
Blue Sheep Maniac
Spider Maniac
Villager Maniac
Villager (Baby) Maniac
Lime Sheep Insane
Witch Insane
Blaze Insane
Purple Sheep Mayhem
Wither Skeleton Mayhem
Creeper Mayhem
Guardian Mayhem+
Squid Mayhem+
Zombie Horse 2015 Halloween Rank
Scarecrow 2015 Halloween Rank
Snowman 2015 Christmas Rank

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