Mother Zombie

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Mother Zombies are the first to be infected. They are randomly chosen after 60 seconds of spawning in the game. Their goal is to infect all other non-infected players. Mother Zombies cannot be earned as an Infected Classes; they are randomly selected to begin the game. The zombie upgrade path is also the the Mother Zombie upgrade path (that is, whatever rank your Zombie is, your Mother Zombie is that as well).


Mother Zombies are disguised as Zombie Pigmen and have an enchanted gold sword.


Item Type Enchantments Other
Golden Sword Weapon Sharpness I, Unbreaking X
Pink Dye Meta None Used to switch from the Mother Zombie class to another class. Once a player switches from the Mother Zombie, he/ she cannot switch back.
Chain Helmet Armor None
Chain Chestplate Armor None
Chain Leggings Armor None
Chain Boots Armor None

Special Note

The prestige perk Z-Power does not work when you are a mother zombie.

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