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After reaching Rank 25 and 5000 Cookies, you may prestige. By prestiging, you will be set back at rank 1 with no leftover cookies. Once you've prestiged, you'll earn 2 Prestige Tokens that you can use in the Prestige Perks shop. These 2 Tokens are the second most valuable currency in the game. Every 10 prestiges, you can Master Prestige, which resets all your prestige perks, levels, and cookies.

Note: There is no way to transfer Tokens back into Cookies or Ranks.


In order to prestige, make sure you are Rank 25 and have 5000 Cookies, run the "/prestige" command. This will open up the prestige GUI. Press the stone sword to start prestiging. After, a GUI will open with green and red stained clay. Click the green stained clay in order to prestige. Afterwards, you will be reset to Rank 0 and have 0 Cookies, but you will be prestiged. Also the server will announce that you have prestiged with 2 Prestige Tokens.

Prestige Symbols

Prestige Symbol
Prestige 1
Prestige 2
Prestige 3
Prestige 4
Prestige 5
Prestige 6
Prestige 7
Prestige 8
Prestige 9
Prestige 10


They say there is a special surprise if you manage to hit master prestige 1....

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