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Infected Perks

Perk Cost Ability
zPower 3 Tokens Increases damage done when infected by 0.25 per piece of iron armor that your opponent has.
zDemo 1 Token Get a random grenade (excluding cleanses, vacuums, and knockback grenades) when you first become infected.

Human Perks

Perk Cost Ability
Demolitionist 1 Token After the grace period ends, players with this perk are given a random grenade.
Final Stand 3 Tokens When you die as a human, you respawn back at spawn for a Final Stand before the timer reaches 60s.
Hardline 2 Token(s) Scorestreaks require 1 less score
Tomahawk 2 Tokens Gives the player a iron axe that can be thrown to deal 75% of the infected health in damage. This has 2 uses
Fire Mind 2 Tokens Press Q while holding your sword to cause an explosion, affecting all infected around the player, as well as leaving a trail of fire where you walk for three seconds. All infected in this trail will take fire damage. Each infected can only be hit by the trail one time. There is a 30 second cooldown on the new firemind ability.
Feather Falling 3 Tokens Gain Feather Falling IV on your boots as a human.
Knockback 3 Tokens Spawn with a knockback II wooden sword as a human.
Medic 1 Token Spawn with 2 bandages(paper) that give other humans regeneration III for 5 seconds when you right click them. You will also get 1 cookie if you heal someone with 50% or less health
Riot Shield 2 Tokens An item that reduces 100% knockback only when holding it {Essentially, a KB shield}
Kevlar Vest 2 Tokens Reduces projectile damage (Blaze, Arrows, Wither etc)
Flash 3 Tokens Anytime before the last minute of the game as a survivor, you can right click an item that will allow you to teleport to any other survivor.
Marksman 3 Tokens As a survivor, you will spawn with a bow (3 Arrows) at rank 1. Instead of gaining more arrows at ranks 12-25, you will gain +1 starting arrows every time you rank up. As rank 25 (Commander), you will spawn with 30 arrows.

Both Perks

Perk Cost Ability
Fire Sale 4 Tokens Shop items (not prestige shop) are 25% off and ranks are 20% off.
Sleight of Hand 1 Token Instantly drinks potions. At a 25 kill score streak as a human, you obtain a diamond sword.
Blast Shield 1 Token This reduces the affect of grenades by half the time.
Surge 2 Tokens This will give the player two seconds of strength after a kill.
Scavenger 4 Tokens Have a chance to scavenge items when you get a kill for Humans. You must have Scavenger Pro to scavenge items as infected.
Juggernaut 4 Tokens Gain protection 2 on your chestplate when you are human and protection 1 on your chestplate when you are infected.

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