Renting Kits

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Renting Kits

Purchased kits are only available to the player for a certain time frame, this time frame varies depending on the players donor rank. The time frames for each rank is shown below:

Rank Time Frame Notes
No Rank 1 Month
Spaz 1.5 Months
Crazy 2 Months
Maniac 2.5 Months
Insane 3 Months
Mayhem 3.5 Months
Mayhem+ Forever

Note: Some kits, for example easter bunny, can be purchased through a holiday rank and are therefore unlocked forever and don't need to be repurchased.

Event/Holiday Exclusive Ranks

Event and holiday exclusive ranks are only attainable during a certain time period. By completing the event, you will still have to re-purchase the kit after your ranks renting duration time has ended, yet the kit will never be locked. Other then completing events, holiday packages can be purchased, making the kits unlocked forever.

Kit Name Notes
Easter Bunny

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