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When you kill someone, you get a Scorestreak. When you get enough killstreaks, you get different items. These items get better with more scorestreak you get. Eventualy looping and giving the same items. Players with hardline require one less kill for Scorestreak rewards. You get +1 Scorestreak for doing all the damage to a player. You get a bonus +.1 for dealing the most damage. You get a bonus +.1 for getting the final hit. So if you kill a player by yourself, you get +1.2 Scorestreak.

Survivor Scorestreaks

Scorestreak Reward
1 Nothing
2 Melon (1♥)
3 Apple (2♥)
4 Porkchop (4♥)
5 Golden Apple (10♥)
6 2 Random Grenades
7 1 Random Grenade
8 Strength I Potion (60s)
9 Poison I Splash Potion (20s)
10 Strength II Potion (30s)
11 Poison II Splash Potion (10s)
12-24 Repeat of 2-11
25 Diamond Sword
26+ 2-11 are from 26 onward

Infected Scorestreaks

Scorestreak Reward
1 PorkChop (4♥)
2 Speed I Potion (120s)
3 Strength I Potion (60s)
4 Severed Head