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Skills are special abilities that the player can choose from that give them a specific advantage over another player. Skills can be bought in the Fear Shop in the Fear Hub.

What They Do

Below is a list of what each skill does as well as its cost:

Skill Description Cost
Alert Start with a stained clay that turns red when your hunter is within 30 blocks of you, yellow when they are within 50 blocks of you, and green when they are over 50 blocks away from you Requires Spaz
Blitz Gain speed II for 15 seconds when you get a kill Requires Crazy
Chaser Your target receives slowness I when the are within 10 blocks off you (Doesn't work during grace) 2000 Fear
Demolitionist Create an explosion whenever you get a kill. (You don't take damage from that explosion) Requires Maniac
Frost When you hold your frost item you will create a trail of ice behind you. (You start with 100% charge. You gain +1% charge per second. Max charge is 100%. You lose 10% every time you use your frost ability) Requires Mayhem
Hider Deal more damage the further you are away from your target. (Only works when you have a target) 2000 Fear
Mimic When you kill a player, you get their kits abilities, until you kill another player Requires Insane
Scavenger You have a chance yo find more items and better rarities in chests you open 2000 Fear
Sniper Gain 1 arrow every 45 seconds. Arrows deal +1 damage 2000 Fear
Soldier Gain speed 1 when you have at least 7.5 hearts. Gain slowness 1 when you have 3 hearts or less 2000 Fear
Zeus When you get a kill, everyone within 15 blocks of you will be struck with lightning, dealing 10 damage and setting them on fire for 5 seconds Requires Mayhem+

Note: The Fear costs are base amounts. A lower in prices may occur depending on the players donor rank.

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