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Skins are the blocks under you, representing your cell. You can get more skins by using the DNA Sequencer.

All skins

Rank Skins Available
None All basic varieties of wool and stained clay.
Spaz Gold Ore, Yellow Glass, White Glass
Crazy Hay, Magenta Glass, Pink Glass
Maniac Lapis Ore, Lapis Block, Diamond Ore, Diamond Block, Blue Glass, Cyan Glass, Light Blue Glass
Insane Emerald Ore, Emerald Block, Piston, Leaves, Bricks, Green Glass, Lime Glass,
Mayhem Sponge, Pumpkin, Purple Glass, Brown Glass, Red Glass, Black Glass, Orange Glass, Gray Glass, Light Gray Glass
Mayhem+ TNT, Noteblock, Rainbow Wool, Rainbow Clay, Rainbow Glass, Nether

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