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You must have a global rank to change your skin.

Rank Skins Available
Spaz Custom Skin,Oak wood, Gold ore, Yellow Wool, White Wool, White Glass, Yellow Glass, White Clay, Yellow Clay,
Crazy Cobblestone, Pink Wool, Magenta Wool, Magenta Glass, Pink Glass, Magenta Clay, Pink Clay, Hay, Test
Maniac Lapis Ore, Lapis Block, Light Blue Wool, Blue Wool, Cyan Wool, Diamond Ore, Diamond Block, Light Blue Glass, Blue Glass, Cyan Glass, Blue Clay, Cyan Clay, Light Blue Clay
Insane Leaves, Lime Wool, Green Wool, Bricks, Lime Glass, Green Glass, Emerald Ore, Emerald Block, Lime Clay, Green Clay, Slime
Mayhem Sponge, Light Grey Wool, Grey Wool, Orange Wool, Purple Wool, Brown Wool, Red Wool, Black Wool, Orange Glass, Pumpkin, Grey Glass, Light Grey Glass, Purple Glass, Brown Glass, Red Glass, Black Glass, Orange Clay, Purple Clay, Light Grey Clay, Grey Clay, Brown Clay, Red Clay, Black Clay
Mayhem+ Note Block, Rainbow Wool, Nether, TNT, Rainbow Glass, Rainbow Clay

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