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When you first join, you will be level 1 with no experience or Mania Points.

You gain Mania Points by leveling up. How do you do that, you ask?

Simple. The easiest ways are killing and winning.

Killing someone in any mini-game will give you 5xp (unless a booster is active). Winning any mini-game will give you 100XP (unless a booster is active)

There is an unlimited amout of levels, leading to an unlimited long term goal.

"If there are unlimited levels, how does the stat system work?" Well, every level, the experience needed goes up by 150XP.

Level 1 - 100 XP needed


Level 2 needs 250 (Because 100+150 = 250)


Level 3 needs 400 (because 250+150 = 400)

This continues on.

Level Colors

Level Color
1 - 10 Grey
11 - 20 Yellow
21 - 30 Light Blue
31-40 Green

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