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Time is Money Factions (TIMF) is a game mode that takes your classic survival factions and adds a new and unique twist to it. Keep your eyes peeled, and remember, the clock is ticking.


Like any other survival factions server, the goal is to become the most powerful faction on the server. TIMF is just like that, but with an added twist. You have a time limit to being on the server before you are temp-banned, from the gamemode, to "recharge" your time. That time limit can be increased by doing things that normally give you experience (mining, killing mobs, etc), killing other players (to gain a base of 1/4th of how ever much time they had left), and selling stuff in the shop. Time is also the currency of the server, allowing you to buy stuff from the shop, but at the cost of your time left on the server. TIMF also has its own rank system that is not covered by Global Ranks.


Time is Money Factions is currently in open beta testing, and you can view a list of recent changes by using /changelog. It is said that TIMF is going to be reset but it has not been confirmed yet.

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