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In SND there is an in-game shop, but insted of using credits to buy items in the shop, you use charge on a workbench. Each game you can earn anywhere from 1% charge to 10% charge. Once you reach 100% charge, you can not earn anymore until you spend some. To spend charge, you click on the workbench in your inventory found in slot 7 of your hotbar. For now there are only 3 items in the workbench shop but more can be expected.

Workbench Shop

Item Cost Notes
Golden Apple 10% Charge Gives you the effect of a golden apple when consumed.
Ender Pearl 10% Charge When thrown, teleports you to wherever the pearl lands. When you land you take 2 1/2 hearts of damage.
Steak 40% Charge Heals 4 hearts instantly when consumed.

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