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Jump to: navigation, search is based on the Web Game "" (hence the name) and is played by a cell.

Information/How To Join

Right click the bow to join, and you will see five blocks under you. This represents your "Cell" and to eat people with. In the middle of the screen, you can see your mass. This represents how big you are. As you gain mass, it will increase, and the blocks under you will increase as well. The goal of the game, just like the browser game, is to gain as much mass as possible.


The objective of the game is to be the biggest player/cell in the lobby. On the side shows a scoreboard to show who has the most mass.


Once you join the game, you will see little tiny wool block entities on the ground. When you walk over one, you will gain 1 mass and 1 DNA (assuming you have no rank). When you run around, you can see yourself quickly gaining mass. You will also notice as you gain mass, you will become slower and slower, which is a minus. You will also lose mass over time, the bigger you are, the more mass you lose. Once you have 10% more mass you can eat the other person. You can also tell if you can eat them by these tags:

Green Tag: You can eat them!

Neutral/Grey Tag: You can't eat each other!

Red Tag: They can eat you!

In a recent update, levels were made automatic. This change is from the old system of using the DNA Sequencer (Brewing Stand) between games for experience points.


There is technically no way to "win" other than be the person with the highest mass in the game as long as possible.


Mission Description Difficulty Reward Cooldown
Addicted Play 1 hour of Easy 1000 XP, 2000 DNA 1 Day
Growth Gain 10,000 mass. Easy 500 XP, 2500 DNA 1 Day
Consumer Consume 20 cells. Easy 500 XP, 2500 DNA 1 Day
Weekly Goal Gain 50,000 mass. Consume 100 cells. Normal 2000 XP, 5000 DNA 1 Week

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