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Arsenal 2.0 is a re-create of Arsenal from (Other server name here).

Information/How To Join

Arsenal was independently coded by Mattrick. Once you join, you will be put immediately into the action. No matter how far it is into the game, you will be in the game as soon as you join.


The objective of the game is to get 20 ranks/kills using the gear given to you.


When you join, you will be given some gear to use. Use this gear to kill other players and get kills as fast as possible. Each kill you make, you will rank up and be given a different set of gear to use in battle. This can range from physical to ranged attacks such as the bow or fireball. If you die three times in a row, you will be "deranked" which means you will lose a rank/kill and have to use the previous gear. The gear you get is random on some instances.


Get to rank 20 before any other person does. First person to get to rank 20 and rank up once more, wins.

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