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What are events?

Like many servers, Project Mayhem has small events that may occur a couple times a month. The staff team likes to make events because it helps the community and is different, which is good! Project Mayhem has offered many events that will be listed below; and remember to keep an eye out every weekend for events, because you never know when they will happen!


What is Play-A-Thon? Play-A-Thon is a very popular event where you get rewarded for spending time on the server. For instance, if you spend 6 hours on Project Mayhem you may earn prizes depending on the Play-A-Thon, because the prizes sometimes change. They usually give you a few days to get as much time as possible on the server before closing it and distributing the rewards; rewards could include Chaos, Currency, or even sometimes boosters. There has also been a common theme to the recent Play-A-Thons which offer Store Coupons for the three people who get the most time played on the server!

You can view your progress by typing "/playathon" or by right clicking the villagers in all of our gamemode's lobbies as well as the hub. You can also view it on the hub when you check your stats by right clicking your "stats" skull.

Double Currency

Project Mayhem also offers double cookies, or double currency in general every once in a while. During this event, it is best to gain as much of that currency as you can to further yourself in the gamemode twice as fast. Be on the lookout for Double Currency, because it will not stay on forever!

Double Currency usually gets turned off after the weekend or holiday ends.

Holiday Events

Holiday events are themed events around a certain holiday. Project Mayhem has hosted a Halloween/Anniversary event, Christmas event, St. Patricks Day event, Easter event, and a 4th of July event. The Halloween/Anniversary event celebrates Halloween and the anniversary of the server, it is Halloween themed and you can craft cakes to use in the Anniversary Shop as well as complete a challenge to win a special prize. The Christmas event celebrates the holiday it's named after, and you can feed carrots to Rudolph for a surprise gift during the round as well as complete a challenge to win a special prize. The St. Patricks Day event celebrates the holiday it's named after. The Easter event celebrates the holiday it's named after and you can hunt for eggs to win a prize. The 4th of July event celebrates Independence Day for America (we are an American Server). Each holiday event often has a holiday package that you can pre-order for a discounted rate or buy during the event for its regular price.

Infected King

A newly added event, Infected King is a weekly competition to see which player is the best are any infected class. The player with the most scorestreak points each week with an infected class will become the "Infected King" for that week. As an Infected King, you gain temporary access to level 5 on that infected class's ability path (That you have selected to level up to level 5) for the week. Every Sunday, the Infected King leaderboard resets at midnight. You can view the Infected King leaderboards by clicking the gold helmet found in the top right of the infected class menu displaying paths for each class.

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