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FearSG is a new and improved Survival Games! You have your target who you have to kill and get extra rewards!


Join a lobby. Once in the game, everyone will be sitting on their pedestal until the game starts. Once the game starts, you will grab chests and get as much loot as humanly possible so you can take out the other players. There is a twist! In the first 30 seconds of the game, you can't attack anyone... except your target! If yuo manage to get a weapon at the cornucopia you can only kill your target. After 30 seconds, you can attack anyone. Last player standing wins!


Mission Description Difficulty Reward Cooldown
Addicted Play 20 games of FearSG. Easy 500 XP, 500 Fear 1 Day
Fabled Item Upgrade a special item into a Fabled Item. Easy 250 XP, 250 Fear 1 Day
Win: FearSG Win 1 game on FearSG. Normal 500 XP, 500 Fear 1 Day
Hunter Kill 5 targets. Normal 250 XP, 200 Fear 1 Day
Killer Kill 150 players. Hard 1750 XP, 1500 Fear 2 Days
Scary Kill 25 targets, upgrade special item to Fabled Item 15 times, win 10 games, and kill 300 players. Master 3000 XP, 3000 Fear 1 Week

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