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Our forums are to be used to communicate ideas and information among the community, however, the following rules must be followed at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns about the rules given please contact Soup either on the forums by private conversation, in game by private message or on Teamspeak!

1. All users must be respectful towards one another.

2. Impersonating other users will not be tolerated.

3. Necroposting is not allowed whatsoever.

4. Spamming posts to boost forum points is prohibited.

5. All posts must stay on topic with the original thread.

6. Users may never post twice in a row on the same thread.

7. Bumping threads may be done once every 24 hours.

8. Advertising anything unrelated to Project Mayhem is prohibited.

9. Flame wars will not be tolerated under any circumstances whatsoever.

10. Pornographic, excessively vulgar or otherwise explicit material will not be allowed.

11. Spam / Bot accounts will be deleted without question.

12. Duplicate threads are not allowed and will be deleted.

13. Micro-posting is not to be tolerated whatsoever.

14. Keep threads in the appropriate category.

15. Like Farming will not be tolerated

Respect Rule Explanation

To keep a great, helpful and respectful community, all players are required to be respectful to one another. If players can't get along they are asked to simply ignore one another. Racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination are intolerable under any circumstances.

Impersonation Rule Explanation

Pretending to be anyone other than yourself on the forums will not be accepted. This does not only include impersonation staff or famous players.

Necroposting Rule Explanation

Bringing up irrelevant past topics is how one would describe necroposting and absolutely prohibited. This kind of offense can start flame wars (see rule 9) and many other bad things.

Post Spamming Rule Explanation

Continuously adding random posts to the forums to boost your post and like counts is extremely prohibited, can have many of your posts deleted and even have your account banned. This subject is never taken lightly.

Staying on Topic Rule Explanation

If a post becomes off the original topic, all users will be asked to get back on topic, if these users refuse to cooperate, their punishments will be handled by the staff members and these things are quite serious.

Double Posting Rule Explanation

If a user forgets something in their original post, posting a second comment is prohibited. The user must edit the original post and add the information in. The only time a thread may be posted on 2 or more times in a row by the same user is when bumping a thread (see rule 7).

Thread Bumping Rule Explanation

Bumping is a way to bring posts to the front of the list. A user may bump a post up to once every 24 hours. Application threads may not be bumped, they will be instantly denied if this occurs.

Advertising Rule Explanation

Advertising other servers is prohibited, but users may talk about certain YouTube videos, TV shows, movies etc… Advertisement is a serious matter if a player is caught advertising another server. This rule will be enforced at the staff's discretion.

Flame Wars Rule Explanation

Flame wars are massive arguments that result in massive amounts of insults. Any found flame wars found by staff members are to be locked immediately and if the flame was intentional by a user, they will be punished.

Explicit Material Rule Explanation

Any vulgar images, links and post are absolutely prohibited. It is revolting to many users, especially those that are much younger. Posts will be deleted immediately and the player will be punished.

Spam Bot Rule Explanation

Any account that is a robot (not run by a real person) or a spam bot, An accounts meant to spam posts faster than anything else will be banned from the forums instantly.

Duplicate Thread Rule Explanation

Duplicate threads are when a user makes the same thread multiple. If done intentionally the player will be punished but if not the secs on thread will just be deleted. If small things are changed in posting a relatively close thread, the punishment will be same as if they were identical.

Micro-Posting Rule Explanation

Micro-posting is when a user posts a thread or comment that is only around 1-4 words. These posts will be deleted and the user will be warned then if it persists, punished.

Categories Rule Explanation

Categories exist in order to organize threads. Please check to see if you are posting in the correct category. Threads that are in the wrong category will be moved.

Like Farming Rule Explanation

Saying things such as "Like if you agree" or "Like if you want this" to up your like count is prohibited. Please refrain from doing so.

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