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Please read this FAQ if you have any questions. They might already been answered!

Note: Some of these answers may be based on the player answering the question.

MCInfected Related

Anything related to MCInfected 2.0 will be here!

How do I get better armour, food, and weapons?

You use the cookies you earn by playing to rankup. You rankup by doing /rankup and you will be sent to the next rank. You get better stuff as the more you rankup.

What ranks do I get better armor?

Armor Piece Rank
Iron Boots 7
Iron Helmet 13
Iron Leggings 19
Iron Chestplate 24

Please refer to for more information.

What ranks do I get better weapons?

Weapon Rank
Sticky Grenade 4
Vacuum Grenade 10
Bow 12
Flash Grenade 16
Knockback Grenade 22
Iron Sword 25

Please refer to for more information.

What is prestige?

Prestige resets you to rank 1 and gets rid of all your cookies. You will get 2 Prestige Tokens in return, which you can use in the Prestige Perks shop. You will also get an exclusive symbol when prestiging!

How do I get more classes?

There are 2 essential ways to get classes.

To unlock them in game, you must complete the challenges to unlock them. Of course, the better the kit the harder the challenges. Do /kits and choose a kit to see the challenges. Complete the two (2) red blocks at the top to see what you need to do. Once that's completed, you can be that kit!

Someone is fly hacking in the lobby!!!

If you see someone flying in the lobby, please say something nice to them. If they have 'Maniac', 'Insane', 'Mayhem', or 'Mayhem+', they have the ability to do /fly. If not, report them using @(message)!

What is the best prestige item?

There is no best prestige item. It really depends on how you play. Do you like Tanking? Get Hardline and Juggernaut! Do you want to rank up faster? Get Fire Sale! It really depends on how you play.

Mayhem Mania Related

Anything related to Mayhem Mania will be here!

How do I get kits?

You can buy kits in the shop (/shop) or clicking the 'shop' villager. You will see that you need Mania Points. You get Mania Points for leveling up, 1 by 1. Once you level up, you will earn 1 Mania Point to save. You can look at how much you have at /stats. Once you have enough, do /shop and choose the kit. Then go up to the 'Kit Selector' villager and choose your kit. (Kit Selector villager will only show the kits available for the game chosen, so you have to wait.

How do I level up?

You level up by earning XP. You earn XP for winning games, killing people, and more. You can check your XP progress with /stats.

FearSG Related

Anything related to FearSG will be here!

How do I level up classes?

You can level up classes by playing that class in game.

How do I unlock skills?

You can get skills from donating at our shop. Visit Donor Ranks for more info. Related

Anything related to will be found here!

How do I unlock morphs/colors

You can unlock morphs/colors by donating to the server (see Donor Ranks) and/or using the DNA sequencer.

Arsenal 2.0 Related

Anything related to Arsenal 2.0 will be here!

How do I win?

By being the first to reach 20 kills.

Time is Money Factions Related

Anything related to TIMF will be here!

Why doesn't my global rank transfer?

They aren't really global anymore. See Donor Ranks for more info.

How do I get more time?

You can get more time by doing anything that gives you experience (smelting, mining, killing mobs/players, etc) or by selling items in the shop.

Search And Destroy Related

Anything related to Search And Destroy will be here!

How do I level up?

You level up by buying and upgrading kits. See Renting Kits for more info.

My kit disappeared, what happend?

In SND, kits expire. Depending on what donor rank you have, they take longer to expire. When they expire, you don't lose any upgrades of that kit. If a kit was level 4 when it expires, it will be level 4 when you buy it back.

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