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Moles is a “joke” gamemode made by jackson30007 and maxben34 for April Fool’s Day 2016. This gamemode is less competitive than other Project Mayhem gamemodes, making it perfect for all ages!


Players have 10 minutes to find and kill the Mutant Mole by digging holes. Players collect “mole points” by digging and whoever has the most points becomes the Mole King, who can dig even faster. However, as the Mole King, you are more likely to be attacked by the predators: domestic cats and dogs. But killing these predators, as well as digging holes, will get you “molestreaks”, where you can get additional items to aid you. The Mole King has the ability to find the “Legendary Mole Hole”, which houses the Mutant Mole. After all players jump into the hole, they will be able to take on the Mutant Mole. If players are successful, they will earn additional mole points.

Oh No

Moles was removed from the Project Mayhem server after april fools weekend. Moles is no longer a gamemode of Project Mayhem. We are sorry to inform you that you can no longer play Moles. The good news is that Moles is speculated to return next year on April 1st.

Mole Variants

Name Health Damage Speed Dig Speed Cost
Normal Mole 12 Hearts 5 1.0 40 Free
Bionic Mole 9 Hearts 10 2.0 40 153
Green Mole 10 Hearts 5 1.1 38 7
Sloth Mole 20 Hearts 5 0.5 30 9874
Aggresive Mole 10 Hearts 15 1.0 35 111
Baker Mole 10 Hearts 4 0.9 45 1
Demon Mole 11 Hearts 7 1.3 35 667
Speed Mole 10 Hearts 5 5.0 20 5555
Fragile Mole 1 Hearts 20 1.3 55 123456
Tropical Mole n/A n/A n/A n/A Class "added" and "removed" in v1.0.1.
Ultra Mole 50 Hearts 100 2.0 999 2,147,483,647

Notable Jokes

  • Although there are over 24 maps to vote on, the same map is always chosen.
  • There are intentional bugs because the game was coded in only 14 hours.
  • Double Mole Points: Since there will never be single Mole Points, is it really double?
  • Donors get an extraordinary amount of votes, with Mayhem+ getting 100 each.
  • Some mole-related puns include: moleben34 and moleson30007, Molehemians, Molestreak, "Have a moletastic weekend"

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