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Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem is an action packed server full with new and original gamemodes so you can keep having fun!

Project Mayhem was founded on October 31st, 2014. It had its first anniversary on October 31st, 2015.

Project Mayhem currently has 7 gamemodes including:


Mission Description Difficulty Reward Cooldown
Daily Vote #1 Vote on Minecraft Forum! Easy 250 XP, 15 Chaos 1 Day
Daily Vote #2 Vote on Planet Minecraft! Easy 250 XP, 10 Chaos 1 Day
Daily Vote #3 Vote on Easy 250 XP, 10 Chaos 1 Day
Daily Vote #4 Vote on MCSL! Easy 250 XP, 10 Chaos 1 Day
Refer a Friend Invite a friend to the server, then have them type "/refer <YOUR NAME>"! Easy 500 XP, 30 Chaos None
Dedicated Play 10 games of MCInfected 2.0, play 10 games of Mayhem Mania, play 10 games of FearSG, play 10 games of Search and Destroy, and play 30 minutes of (You only have to complete 3/5 requirements to complete this mission) Normal 1000 XP, 50 Chaos 1 Day
Triumphant Win 2 games of MCInfected 2.0, win 2 games of Mayhem Mania, win 2 games of FearSG, and win 2 games of Search and Destroy. (You only have to complete 3/4 requirements to complete this mission) Normal 1000 XP, 50 Chaos 1 Day
Hub Parkour Finish the Hub Parkour. Master 2500 XP, 150 Chaos. 1 Week

Global Levels

Global levels represent your activity and dedication to the server. Each 24 hours you log on you will instantly gain 1 level. Each day (24 hours) you don't join in you lose a level. If you haven't join in 72 hours (3 days) you will lose 3 levels but gain 1 level for joining, so you technically lost 2.

You can also earn XP from every mission. Each mission gives the same or more XP depending on the difficulty it says. You may be wondering what these levels do? Each level you gain you earn +1% of rewards, (excluding XP). At level 10 you can gain 11 chaos per vote. Level 50 you gain 15 chaos per vote. IF you manage to achieve level 100, you get 20 chaos per vote which if you vote on all four links you can get a little over 1000 cookies A DAY.

They also up the rewards for cookies, Fear, Mayhem Mania XP, and Search and Destroy Credits.

Voting Competition

Every month Project Mayhem has a voting competition Server wide. For the whole month every vote counts.

  • 1st place- $25 coupon for the Project Mayhem Store.
  • 2nd place- $10 coupon for the Project Mayhem Store.
  • 3rd place- $5 coupon for the Project Mayhem Store.

To see the current Leaderboard for each month, and Previous Month. In hub a villager with purple clothes and the Tag floating above saying Vote. Right click it to see the current leaderboard and past leaderboards.

Note: Each new day for voting starts at approximately 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Lobby Shop

The lobby shop is a place where Chaos can be spent to buy Cookies, Fear, XP, DNA, and Credits.

The shop items are shown below:

Gamemode Currency Exchange 1 Exchange 2 Exchange 3
MCInfected 2.0 Cookies 10 Chaos = 100 Cookies 40 Chaos = 500 Cookies N/A
Mayhem Mania Experience 10 Chaos = 200 Experience 40 Chaos = 1000 Experience N/A
FearSG Fear 10 Chaos = 100 Fear 40 Chaos = 500 Fear 70 Chaos = 1000 Fear DNA 10 Chaos = 300 DNA 40 Chaos = 1500 DNA N/A
Search & Destroy Credits 10 Chaos = 100 Credits 40 Chaos = 500 Credits N/A

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