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The Project Mayhem Build Team (PMBT), formed in March of 2015, are a group of builders dedicated to supplying Project Mayhem with maps and hubs that are required for the servers needs. The builders have worked together to build all of the Search and Destroy maps as well as constantly producing maps for other gamemodes like MCinfected.

Current Build Team

Name Rank
maxben34 Owner / Developer
ewald22 Sr. Moderator / Head Builder
teegah Head Mod / Head Builder
Soup Moderator / Builder
Whalebit Moderator / Builder
TeamPurple Moderator/ Trial Builder
AmortusR Builder
Asendra Builder
FunkyDread Builder
ItsWombo Builder
MrHatMan33 Builder
Nitromaniac Builder
Pokemaniac Builder
PumpkinWarrior Builder
Elementlover10 Trial Builder
Hypris Trial Builder
Oliv Trial Builder
OMGitsGutter Trial Builder

Past Build Team Members

Name Rank
KittyCapeFilms (Yuskyy) Past Builder
xHaviiHx Past Builder
Basenhet Past Builder
Heptic_Zman Past Builder
saracresp Past Builder
Wack_Attack_ Past Builder
UnclePeter Past Builder
Tg2502 Past Builder
OrangeJuiceIsYum Past Trial Builder
Gryffin Past Trial Builder
Acerr Past Trial Builder
Mikehasta Past Trail Builder
Agent40 Past Trial Builder
Juiceboxing Past Trial Builder
3vo0 Past Trial Builder
CoRrUpTeD_SoLo Past Trial Builder
Crowhawk2012 Past Trial Builder

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