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Search and Destroy is based off the popular gamemode from many first person shooters. It was also originally part of the (now closed) Red Warfare server.


Games are either 2 team matches or 4 team matches in which each team has a single bombsite (represented by a TNT in their base). The objective of the game is to plant the other team's bomb without dying. If you die, you are eliminated from the game and become a spectator. If you successfully plant the opposing team's bomb, the team must disarm their bomb within 60 seconds or it will explode and the entire team will be eliminated. You win the game by being the last team standing by eliminating all the players on the other team through getting kills, or by detonating their bomb.


Mission Description Difficulty Reward Cooldown
Addicted Play 50 games of Search and Destroy Easy 1000 XP, 300 Credits 1 Day
Bomb Squad Arm or Defuse 5 bombs. Easy 250 XP, 125 Credits 1 Day
Win: Search & Destroy Win one game. Easy 250 XP, 125 Credits 1 Day
Killer Get 20 kills or assists Easy 500 XP, 125 Credits 1 Day
Weekly Goal Plant or Defuse 15 bombs. Win 15 games. Get 100 kills or assists Hard 2000 XP, 1500 Credits 1 week

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