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Project Mayhem has a dedicated team of staff to attempt to make the server as fun and enjoyable as possible. They are not paid, and help the server on their own time.

Important Note: Frequently, we are asked a lot of questions regarding applications and the process on how we deal with them. Most of the time, it's an unanimous decision from all staff members on who will be the new staff members. We look for a variety of things when picking new staff, and instead of explaining these qualities, my biggest advice would be, to be yourself. -Hoozier

Current Staff Team

Name Staff Rank
maxben34 Owner / Developer
jackson30007 Owner / Developer
RedstoneDust / mattrick Developer
teegah Head Moderator
ewald22 Sr. Moderator
Kendyy Sr. Moderator
BilboCable Moderator
Hoozier Moderator
masteraj12 Moderator
Paradoxi Moderator
Pinqar Moderator
pistolsteven Moderator
Sgt_Tacos Moderator
Soup Moderator
Z_Hobo Moderator

Past Staff Members

Name Staff Rank
Garth_Vadar Past Sr. Moderator
Maximoosepower Past Moderator
Jakaboy Past Moderator
oRocky Past Moderator
Awesomfullyness Past Moderator
anastasialicia Past Moderator
BritishBear Past Moderator
TeamPurple Past Moderator
JOKOKE Past Moderator
WubWubMeow Past Moderator
xBaeta Past Moderator
XMANTIUM Past Jr. Moderator
chessgeek10 Past Jr. Moderator
Yuskyy Past Jr. Moderator
12339 Past Jr. Moderator

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